Our History

By December 14, 2018News

truck-2920533_1280 (1)At Freight Logistics Inc., we have over 40 reasons why we’re confident our team can manage all your transportation needs honestly, economically and efficiently.

Why 40?

Because our team of more than 40 qualified and experienced account representatives and dispatchers is large enough to handle any transportation situation, but small enough to provide the individual attention you deserve.

For the past 15 years, Freight Logistics Inc. has been an innovator in the industry. When we started the company, our team consisted of 10 people and we arranged transportation for about 100 loads a month.

Together, our team created a vision for the future and we have worked tirelessly everyday to make that vision a reality.

That’s why today, our team is nearly 50 people strong and we move about 100 loads a day.

We’re proud to maintain a friendly, respectful and reliable company culture, and we treat our customers with those same values.

Your goals are our goals. Visit our services page to learn how we can not only meet your transportation expectations, but exceed them. Then call or email our team to get started today!

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