Winter Driving Tips

By December 22, 2018News

Winter driving is difficult.

Whether you’re commuting to work, traveling for the holidays or transporting a large commercial load, it’s important to stay alert and practice safe winter driving.

Here are a few safety tips we hope drivers of all vehicle sizes will follow.


  • Slow Down — Many accidents are due to driving too fast. Even going the speed limit may be dangerous when there’s snow or ice on the road. Take as much time as you need and don’t rush.
  • Check Your Systems  — Before you hit the road, make sure everything is working correctly. This includes your defroster, heater, wipers, lights, brakes, windows and mirrors. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Taking the extra time to ensure your vehicle is in good condition is imperative during harsh winter driving conditions.
  • Use Good Judgement — There’s no substitute for good old common sense. If the weather is so bad you need to get off the road, then do it. Find a place to safely exit the roadway and wait until conditions improve.


Winter driving creates dangerous conditions for all drivers. Follow these driving tips and stay safe on the road all winter long.

Sun, rain, snow or ice, we are here to serve you. Call us today to get your truck loaded and moving!

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