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February 2019

3 Things That Can Affect Heart Health

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At home or on the road, it’s important to take care of yourself and know what impacts your health.

Did you know about these three things which can impact your heart health?

1. Family History

If a parent, sibling or relative has had a heart attack, stroke or another type of heart disease, then you’re at a higher risk for heart problems. Tell your doctor about your family history because the more details you give, the better.

2. Cholesterol

LDL (bad cholesterol) can clog the arteries and increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. A low-fat diet can help decrease your LDL cholesterol, and when paired with regular exercise, can increase your HDL (good cholesterol). Don’t know your numbers? Ask your doctor to perform a blood test to measure cholesterol levels.

3. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is any blood pressure reading over 130 for the top number, and above 80 for the bottom number. It’s important to know your numbers because high blood pressure puts you at an increased risk for stroke, heart attack and heart failure. Measure your blood pressure regularly with an at-home monitor or at the doctor’s office.

Your heart takes care of you, so make sure you take care of your heart. One way to give your heart some love is by decreasing stress. Call or email our team and we’ll ensure your freight shipment is always stress-free!

Thankful For Our Employees

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We’re grateful for our customers, because without you we wouldn’t exist.

But there’s another thing we’re thankful for — our employees.

Our amazing team is the foundation of our business and the people you interact with every day.

The FLI team is made up of a group of exceptional account representatives and dispatchers who keep everything running smoothly.

Have a question? They have the answer.

Need an update about your shipment? They’ll update you.

Our team has grown over the years but is still small enough to give each of our customers the personal attention you deserve.

Whether you’re a shipper, distributor, large trucking company or a small owner operator, your success is our #1 priority. Give our team a call and let us help you today.

We Treat All Shipment Sizes Equally

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Do your smaller LTL shipments get the runaround from other transportation companies? Maybe they’re just not interested in working with small freight.

Our team doesn’t do that.

We believe that small LTL shipments should be given as much TLC as a full shipment. That’s why we provide the same level of exceptional service, interaction and dedication to every shipment, regardless of size.

Our team members have a lot of experience dealing with LTL shipments. From individual pallets to ½ truck loads, we have the right option for you.

If you’re a small business that doesn’t ship in large quantities and needs a budget-friendly option, then visit our website to learn about our LTL services and speak to a representative.