The Dangers of Spring Driving

By March 15, 2019News

Dangerous driving isn’t just a winter problem.

Spring is almost here, but with that beautiful sunshine comes a host of driving hazards.

Watch out for these unpredictable road conditions and stay safe this spring.

Potholes Cause Big Problems

Winter weather takes a toll on the roads and creates large potholes. On a rainy day, potholes fill with water, are hard to see and may cause extensive damage to your car, including bent rims and punctured tires. If you encounter a pothole, do not swerve to avoid it. Gently brake before driving over it and maintain a safe following distance from other cars.

Spring Showers Bring…Slippery Roads?

Roads are the most slippery when it first rains; hazardous conditions are caused when road contaminants — such as oil or grease — mix with the rainwater. Increase your following distance to allow for proper braking.

All The People

The best part of spring is the weather! Everyone wants to spend time outside and shake off those winter blues. But warmer temperatures means there are more people walking, cycling and playing with their kids. Stay alert — slow down in neighborhoods and pay attention at crosswalks.

The FLI team loves spring. We know it’s a busy time for your freight, so we ensure your shipment arrives safely. Visit our website, learn how we can help and call us today!

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