Dangerous Fall Driving Hazards

By October 18, 2019News

The team at FLI loves fall. Beautiful leaves, comfy clothes, apple picking, pumpkin spice and delicious baked goods. Definitely the best season of the year.

But there are also unique road conditions which make travel difficult for commercial and regular drivers. Be aware of these potential hazards and stay safe out there.


We love fall foliage, but it could pose a danger on the road. As leaves fall and cover the road, they make streets slicker, obscure traffic markings and cover potholes. When it rains, wet leaves could be as dangerous as ice.

School Traffic

The kiddos are back in school, which means more cars and buses on the road. Watch out for increased pedestrian traffic in the morning and afternoon as kids walk to and from school.

Glare From The Sun

Sun glare can make it hard to see pedestrians, oncoming traffic or other cars. This could lead to more accidents. Sun glare can also cause problems when the sun sets behind drivers because it bounces off your rearview mirror or reflects off traffic lights, temporarily blinding you for a few seconds. It’s also harder to see traffic lights and know when to stop or go.

Our team loves all the great things about fall, but we know how it’s less desirable qualities affect drivers. With your valuable freight on the road, it’s important to know it’s in good hands. Contact FLI today to learn how we take care of your shipment.

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