How To Best Use Your Navigation System

By November 18, 2019News

Navigation systems are great tools. They’re useful if you’re traveling in a different area, trying to locate a new business, or planning a route. 

However, GPS or other navigation systems should never replace good old common sense. Even when using GPS, here a few things to remember:

  • Your GPS or navigation app may not have the most updated information. Stay alert and watch for any changes that the GPS doesn’t show.
  • If you’re in an unfamiliar area, stay on state roads. Don’t take detours on unknown roads you’ve never traveled before.
  • Change your plans if necessary. If your GPS directs you to a route you’re uncomfortable taking, consult a map, ask a local or stay the night in town. It’s better to postpone your trip than get stuck on an unknown road.
  • Check road conditions by calling 511 or visiting

Whether it’s icy roads in winter, or the possibility of summer wildfires, road conditions could change in an instant. Navigation systems are helpful, but don’t rely solely on them to get you to and from your destination.

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