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May 2020

Our FLI Representatives Are Ready To Help

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FLI has always believed in offering individualized attention and service to our customers. Your business is our business — and we’re here to help you succeed! 

One of our greatest assets is our large regionalized dispatch support staff. These team members make shipping freight a breeze because it gives each of our shipping partners one account representative who provides personalized attention to your transportation needs.

But wait, there’s more!

We also utilize our experienced staff to respond quickly to secure the best equipment for your shipment. They then follow through with tracking that shipment from start to finish. Our job isn’t finished until all of your transportation needs are fulfilled.

Our goal isn’t just shipping freight from Point A to Point B. It’s also to ensure the process is simple, easy and stress-free. 

We encourage you to stay in contact with your FLI account representative. They are ready to help and offer their phenomenal expertise.

Call or email the FLI team if you have questions or want to learn how to partner with us. Whether it’s in a time of crisis or smooth sailing, we’re here to help with shipping your freight.