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Check Road Conditions Before You Drive

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While the chaos of holiday driving is in the rearview mirror, many of us have to occasionally travel the mountain passes or other high elevation roads during the winter.

Whether you’re taking a weekend vacation, driving for work or hauling freight — be cautious — because many roads are still susceptible to dangerous weather, such as snow, ice or fog.

So how can you best prepare for a safe road trip?

In addition to packing extra food, water, blankets and other emergency supplies, knowledge is an important tool in your kit.

If you’re driving in Oregon, visit TripCheck to get current road and weather conditions. 

Pro tip: View the cameras specific to the highways you’re traveling for a real time view of the weather and road conditions!

At Freight Logistics, Inc., we handle your freight shipment with care. Our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly. Just as you would prepare for a road trip, visit our website to learn more about what we do and how FLI can help you.

The Gift of Our Services

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What makes FLI different?

Our people!

Our large regionalized dispatch support staff is one of our greatest assets and lets each of our shipping partners have one Account Representative who provides individualized attention to your transportation needs.

But wait, there’s more! Our experienced dispatch teams respond quickly and have the knowledge to secure the best equipment necessary for your shipment. They also follow through with tracking from start to finish. 

So what do we do? Here’s a snapshot!

Truckload Services that include Flatbed, Step Deck, Curtain Van, Dry Van, Temperature Controlled, Power Only and much more.

Logistics Management Services, where our team works with you to develop a logistics management process that protects your interests and leaves your transportation needs to us. 

Specialized Equipment Services — Our account representatives specialize in Heavy Haul, Over Dimensional and High Cargo Value Freight.

LTL Services, where we offer your smaller LTL shipments the same level of care as your full shipments. 

Our job isn’t complete until all of your transportation needs are met.

Now that you know what we do, please contact us to learn how we can get the ball rolling and ensure your shipments are handled with care and professionalism. 

Winter Driving Advice

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Severe weather can be frightening for travelers, no matter how much driving experience you have. Winter storms, bad weather and dangerous road conditions are a factor in nearly half a million crashes and over 2,000 road deaths every winter, according to research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. 

Before you head out, whether for work or pleasure, make sure you know how to handle a road emergency if one should arise. 

  • Keep cold weather gear in your car — including extra food and water, warm clothes, a flashlight, a glass scraper, blankets, medications, etc.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread.
  • Keep at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle.
  • Never warm up a vehicle in an enclosed area, like a garage.
  • Do not use cruise control when driving on ice and snow.

With plenty of winter weather ahead this season, make sure you’re prepared to deal with a potential emergency or dangerous road conditions.

FLI wants to keep your shipment safe in all seasons. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of the best professionals in the transportation industry. If you’re curious about our team members or our awesome services, give us a call! 

How To Best Use Your Navigation System

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Navigation systems are great tools. They’re useful if you’re traveling in a different area, trying to locate a new business, or planning a route. 

However, GPS or other navigation systems should never replace good old common sense. Even when using GPS, here a few things to remember:

  • Your GPS or navigation app may not have the most updated information. Stay alert and watch for any changes that the GPS doesn’t show.
  • If you’re in an unfamiliar area, stay on state roads. Don’t take detours on unknown roads you’ve never traveled before.
  • Change your plans if necessary. If your GPS directs you to a route you’re uncomfortable taking, consult a map, ask a local or stay the night in town. It’s better to postpone your trip than get stuck on an unknown road.
  • Check road conditions by calling 511 or visiting

Whether it’s icy roads in winter, or the possibility of summer wildfires, road conditions could change in an instant. Navigation systems are helpful, but don’t rely solely on them to get you to and from your destination.

However, you can rely on FLI! Our team offers the best transport services and has the knowledge and experience to ensure your freight is safe and secure. Contact us today and put your freight shipment in capable hands.

What You Need To Know About Hemp And The Farm Bill

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hemp industry transportation farm billOn December 12, the United States Congress voted to pass the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill. In addition to other agricultural policies, the bill confirms the legalization of hemp — the term for cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC — and provisions for its cultivation, sale and transport.

Many farmers and companies were excited by the passage of the Farm Bill, because it will change the hemp industry significantly. 

One of the most important aspects of the Farm Bill is the normalization of hemp and treating it similarly to other agricultural crops. As an extension of this effort to normalize hemp, the Farm Bill includes a provision that allows farmers to take out insurance against any unexpected crop losses incurred during a normal production cycle, such as loss due to fires or droughts.

Since the legislation passed at a federal level, hemp and hemp products will also be allowed to move across state borders.

However, this poses several questions about transporting hemp.

At Freight Logistics, we are committed to helping you navigate this new landscape and answer your questions. We know there’s a lot of information out there, and we want to help ensure you’re receiving the facts so you can make a safe, informed decision.

Honesty, transparency and decades of knowledge are the cornerstones of FLI. Call or email our team today to learn how we can help your business with its freight shipment and transport service needs.

Dangerous Fall Driving Hazards

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The team at FLI loves fall. Beautiful leaves, comfy clothes, apple picking, pumpkin spice and delicious baked goods. Definitely the best season of the year.

But there are also unique road conditions which make travel difficult for commercial and regular drivers. Be aware of these potential hazards and stay safe out there.


We love fall foliage, but it could pose a danger on the road. As leaves fall and cover the road, they make streets slicker, obscure traffic markings and cover potholes. When it rains, wet leaves could be as dangerous as ice.

School Traffic

The kiddos are back in school, which means more cars and buses on the road. Watch out for increased pedestrian traffic in the morning and afternoon as kids walk to and from school.

Glare From The Sun

Sun glare can make it hard to see pedestrians, oncoming traffic or other cars. This could lead to more accidents. Sun glare can also cause problems when the sun sets behind drivers because it bounces off your rearview mirror or reflects off traffic lights, temporarily blinding you for a few seconds. It’s also harder to see traffic lights and know when to stop or go.

Our team loves all the great things about fall, but we know how it’s less desirable qualities affect drivers. With your valuable freight on the road, it’s important to know it’s in good hands. Contact FLI today to learn how we take care of your shipment.

Learn About FLI

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History is an important part of every business. How a company started and where they are today tells a story about how they do business and why they do what they do.

FLI is proud of our history!

Did you know we started in 2003 as a team of only 10 people, and we arranged transportation for about 100 loads a month?

Well, we have grown a lot since then.

Due to a lot of hard work and elbow grease from our team, we developed a vision for the future and forged ahead. Today, FLI’s team is close to 40 people and we move nearly 100 loads a day

We have developed into a successful employee-owned company and we want to shower you with all the experience and knowledge we’ve gained over the past 16 years.

FLI found a way to keep the small office feeling of friendship, respect, and reliability, but deliver big business results, security and success. We want you to reap the benefits of our hard work. Reach out to FLI to learn how our team makes shipping your freight a breeze. 

Visit These Roadside Attractions

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Whether you drive for a living or take the family on a road trip, driving for long periods of time can get boring. And if you’re the one driving, you have to maintain focus at all times.

That’s why it’s important to set aside time to stop and smell the roses. You can still be efficient but carve out “me time” and see some of America’s best roadside attractions. Here are three you don’t want to miss!

Grants Pass Caveman

Grants Pass, OR

Guarding the city, this caveman has stood proud for over 45 years. He’s 17 feet tall and perched on a large rock. Stop and take a picture with this giant so you’ll always remember Grants Pass.

Ghost Town

Oatman, Arizona

Are you a fan of the Wild West? Experience the real thing and see actors in fake gun fights, donkeys, lots of shops and plenty of Old West charm.

Shoshone Ice Caves

Shoshone, Idaho

Regardless of the temperature outside, these caves remain a frigid 30 degrees. As you enter, you’ll see several statues; of caveman, a dinosaur and a statue of Chief Wasakie.

It’s important to find respite on the road. Make time for you and visit these classic American roadside attractions. 

FLI also wants to make your freight shipment as smooth and easy as possible. Contact our team if you’re looking for a new (and the best!) partner in the transportation industry.

Proud Of Our Payment Terms

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It’s a sad reality, but this doesn’t happen when you partner with FLI.

Our standard payment terms for all carriers are 10-day pay by check from the date we receive an invoice and a signed BOL/POD. 

We also offer fuel advances and immediate pay upon delivery — available by Comcheck — for all carriers that need to get their money faster. Our goal is to make the payment process as simple as possible.

You work hard for us and we appreciate everything you do. That’s why we believe in an efficient, easy and transparent payment system. You can learn all about our payment process on our website.

When you’re ready to leave behind the frustrations of previous payment problems, give the FLI team a call. Let’s deliver together!

Services We Offer

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We are your transportation experts!

How? You may ask.

FLI offers a complete suite of services which makes shipping your freight a breeze. Because of our experienced staff, we’re able to respond quickly to secure the best equipment for your shipment and follow through with tracking from start to finish. 

But that’s only the beginning.

FLI also provides:

Truckload services

  • Flatbed
  • Step deck 
  • Curtain van
  • Dry van
  • Temperature controlled
  • Power only

LTL services

  • We offer the same level of customer service and dedication, no matter what the size of the shipment.

Specialized Equipment 

  • Heavy haul
  • Over dimensional
  • High cargo

Logistics Management

  • We develop a logistics management process which lets us handle all your transportation services and protects your interests. 

With FLI, all your transportation needs will be met. When you’re ready to do business in a positive, stress-free partnership, reach out to our team for more information.